65th Anniversary Members’ Book



  • Project Option: Standard Landscape, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm
    # of Pages: 58
  • Publish Date: Apr 16, 2016

A showcase of work by some of the members of the Broward Art Guild, local emerging artists in the South Florida area. This book features work from:

Gundren Andersson, Karl Andersson, Audrye Arbe, Lori Axelrod, Yvette Booth, Nathalie Brenac, Edward Burton, Sandra Canning, Candy Childrey, John B. Cooke IV, Gerard Delaney, Lourdes DeWick, Alexangel Estevez, Madeline Gallo, Mitchell Grosvenor, Kyle Harris, Ken Harrison, Ed Hart, Jose Herazo, Susan Jaffe, Diane Karmiol, Mary Jane Kindred, Hilma Koelman, Pacal LeCocq, Timothy Leistner, Sonia Lewis,  Greg Lindeblom, Barbara Longwill, Richard Maginnes, Susan Maguire,Phoenix, Glenn McCormick, Eugenio Mikolji, Michael Mills, Lita Moffa, Tania Oothuizen, Mayra Pau, Anabel Rub Peicher, Michael Prendergast, Jack Rosenberg, Judith Rosenberg, Raquel Rub, Rob Saunders, Bernard Simbole, Michael Stiles, Liz Stirling-Perkins, Carol Thaw, Star Trauth, Rosaria Vigorito, Pat Ward, Marcie Wyrobeck,

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Soft Cover, Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, Hard Cover with Image Wrap