Kent McIntyreExhibiting April, 2024: Kent McIntyre



Kent is a newcomer to the world of painting. In 2016, his husband wanted to fulfill his desire to take an art class and asked Kent if he would be willing to join him in the experience. The drawing class was OK, however the abstract with acrylics class hit the right nerve. After a lot of experimentation on his own, he decided that his only limitation would be inaction. He learned not to fear the paint and whatever surface he had available.

Kent’s background in Architecture and Design is a benefit when it comes to basic understanding of form and function. You can see hints of this in some of his Mid-Century styled paintings. His musical heritage comes to life in some of his free-flowing work and color exploration.

A successful real estate career in the Fort Lauderdale area still supports the lifestyle, but the newfound passion for spending time in his personal art studio has created the outlet for continued growth in life’s lessons.

Kent and John travel whenever possible, which keeps the heart, mind and creativity flowing. His three sons and six grandchildren keep him grounded. Their incredibly diverse circle of friends keeps them in touch and appreciative of every day of life.



Art is to be interpreted by its beholder. It does not matter what the artist was thinking during its creation. The viewer’s personal feeling is the only thing of importance.
My art is unique because of its diversity of style and subject matter. I rarely know when the final incarnation will present itself to me.
Please join me on my journey.

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