Rubi Villa with artwork

Exhibiting July, 2024: Rubi Villa


Exhibit Title – Pop Into My Mind




I find inspiration in the idea of the essence of things, in the varied and combined sensations, in what a color, a line, a texture or some material can cause, thinking about the flavor that a specific material can have with a specific color It makes me have a divine and intimate experience, I like to think that with the techniques and themes of my work I could provoke the viewer that aesthetic enjoyment that I experience when the idea is born in me, I want to provoke mixed feelings that evoke pleasures at the same time that we hide, that humanity that brings us closer to the origin, to what is natural and honest, to recognize from this our divinity and fortune, I personally want to lose the shame of having any taste that does not harm or interfere with the freedom of anyone else, enjoy of my taste for the color pink and plush, the taste of chocolates when I think of these materials, the sensation of smelling rust when I see something metallic and that if you combine them there can be a party of small sensations to which attention is paid and awareness of their existence is made small miracles happen.


I would like us to stop to see how far we have come, from all the good that surrounds us, to be able to appreciate the beauty of the avant-garde without having to belittle and compare, because we ourselves as a unit create it, to embrace the future that we personally I am excited. It is undeniable that bad things happen and that with the passing of history it seems that the situation worsens and that becomes a snowball that as a society we carry and embrace as reality, disconnecting in moments and recovering awareness of that little spark can create changes in our future and guide us to the light, I invite whoever reads this to try it, to remember what it feels like when you see your favorite color and what causes you to wear your party shoes, I invite you to see my work and let yourself carried by the idea of the essence of things, thinking about specific things, seeing the materials as a boat, the figure as the anchor and the concept as the complete ocean where I and my work sail, I invite you to get on, enjoy the trip but also jump and immerse yourself in the tangle of elements that make it up; that make me up.




Born in Baja California Sur, Mexico, Rubi Villa showed her characteristic curiosity and passion for the visual arts at a very young age. She has over the years explored and developed different techniques and themes, always returning to the aesthetic lines and poetic intimations of the female form and spirit.


Rubi has exhibited in her native country throughout her career and was actively involved in local creative collectives even as a young artist. She has in recent years exhibited in France and the United States.


She now resides in Florida, and her new surroundings mark a new period in her work. As she explores psychedelic, mixed media, and pop art, she continues to share her singular artistic vision, a reflection of her inner and outer being.

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