Rocco Scarcella – Women In This World and Soldier of Love Exhibit

Featuring works from Rocco Scarcela


Rocco ScarcellaFascinated by the power of love and strength of women and always being surrounded by them in my life, I started a series of colorful characters in a cubist, abstract, surrealism genre that are a reflection of their thoughts, dreams, life, their complexity and paradox and their place in this world, but also the importance of their vision in this world, in the men world, and so my world…. women who don’t need validation from others to be themselves. Going through myself reimagining and creating with a nostalgic touch of my French/Italian heritage merging tangible and intangible, here are Women of this World and Soldiers of Love from the past, present and future whose wounds still sting but are healing with hope that love return…



About the Artist:

Miami based artist Rocco, @roccosc was born and raised in Nice from an Italian family.
Very creative since his early age he was attracted by 19/20 century artist particularly by the surrealism/cubism movement. Though he chose to pursue a practical, short but successful, carrier in economy/business and finance. Quickly, feeling suffocated he decided to go back to his first love and what is natural and part of him: Being creative, being himself. Always fascinated by geometric form, colors, fashion and hair texture, he changed direction 360 and became a very successful hairdresser winning multiple awards in France.

In his late twenties, he moved to Paris, lived in Montmartre, to pursue his passion for hair and fashion and met incredible talents and artists and worked in collaboration with the fashion industry. Surrounded by museum, culture and artists, dating an artist himself, that influences his art work, he kept drawings when he felt as necessary as breathing.

In 2006 he moved to USA, another of his dream, and worked for a high-end French franchise first and then on his own, as a successful hair designer. Hair always filled his thirst for creativity until Covid and the world shut down. Lockdown at home he could not work and express his creativity. He bought then canvas, pencils and oil painting and restarted painting. Inspired by all the events that were happening in the world, and going within himself as going to a psychanalysis, a series of artwork came from it.

Now Rocco showcases his artwork challenging the boundaries of colors and shapes expressing it in an abstract, cubism, surrealist form with a favorite genre for portrait for the endless opportunities to create colorful characters and pieces that are a reflection of himself, his dream, his thoughts, his life, the complexity of human being, feelings, and our/his place in this world , reimagining it with always a nostalgic touch of his French/Italian heritage leaving the audience the freedom of interpretation of his artwork. Crossing different cultural experiences added more “colors” to his palette of diversity.

He likes to think that life is full of surprise and a circle and to live it to the fullest.


Opening Reception: Saturday, April 20, 2024, 5:30-8:30pm.

Exhibit Run Dates: April 20 – 26, 2024.

Location: Broward Art Guild Gallery, 3280 NE 32nd Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Gallery Hours: Wed., Fri., Sat., noon-9pm; Thurs., noon-6pm

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