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Our Goal is $10,000. That may sound like a huge amount, but breaking it down, it comes to about $40 per member. That may be too much for some members to spare. Others may be able to afford far more than that. Where do you fit?

We are looking forward to your support, and we’re Thanking You in advance!
Teena Liesenfelt, Board President/CEO
Marc Gave, Development Director

End-of-Year Movin’ On Up Giving

We’re getting close to the end of 2023. Time is running out to make your tax-deductible end-of-year contributions. You may have already donated through our Giving Tuesday campaign, and for that we are most grateful. If you haven’t – or if you would like to increase your 2023 contribution to the Movin’ On Up campaign, please read below.

As you may already have heard, Broward Art Guild needs to move during 2024 because our building will be demolished and replaced with a high-rise.

There for, it is of the utmost importance that we build our Movin’ On Up fund to assist with the moving and setup costs.

To make your tax-deductible end-of-year contribution to our Movin’ On Up fund CLICK HERE. If you would like to sign up to be a Sustaining Donor, spreading your contribution over the coming months, you will be able to do so when you click the link above.

We Thank You for your support!

An especially effective way to help is to become a Sustaining Donor. You specify the amount and BAG will automatically debit your checking account or a debit or credit card each month. Continue as long as you want or stop whenever you want.

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