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BAG Mission Statement:
Believing that art is vital to a thriving community,
Broward Art Guild brings the transformative power of art through exhibits and education to people of all ages and backgrounds while providing opportunities for local artists to grow professionally.

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Workshops on hold until the fall due to the Pandemic.


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Art Talk

"Art Talk": Informal Virtual Review and Peer Feedback Session

Saturday, July 18 from 1:00 until about 2:00 pm

Moderator: Debroah Perlman

Deborah Perlman has been a member of the Broward Art Guild since 2019. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Boston University School for the Arts, and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Deborah works in mixed media and has exhibited her work in several area and online galleries.


Where: Virtually via Zoom (more info below)



The Broward Art Guild is excited to present its first "Art Talk," a live, virtual review and feedback session when artists can present their work, then receive constructive feedback, viewpoints, and reactions from fellow artists participants. This is a great opportunity for you to share your work, learn what other artists think, and come away with new ideas and perspectives on your work and the work of others.

Often, artists are too close to their work, and need someone to pull them back and shift their perspective. In this session, each artist will have the opportunity to receive constructive feedback by other artists that focuses on the basic principles and elements of art making. The overall goal is balance between what is working in the piece and what could benefit from a different approach or further thought.

As mentioned above, this session will be held virtually, on the Zoom format, due to the current social distancing regulations. Each participant will be visible (if desired; there is an option to turn on/off one's video). For each participant, we will split the screen, so participants will see the artwork, while the artist and participants are speaking about it. We hope to sponsor these sessions in person at the BAG gallery once restrictions are eased.

If you are new to participating in a "Zoom" session, click on the Link below to view written instructions for a "Zoom Tutorial".


Zoom Participant Instructions



Length: The first session will run about one hour; we will then assess if the timing and format are practical and effective.

Fees: Participant fee is $20 for BAG Members, $25 for Non-members. Pay via PayPal below (you do not have to have a PayPal account to choose this method of payment) or mail a check or call the BAG office with your credit card information - 954.537.3370.


Name of Student(s)


Participants: Up to 10 people, each of whom will send the moderator a good quality image of the piece they will be presenting. You are encouraged to send an additional image or two showing detail such as texture, brush stroke, materials, etc. The image(s) MUST BE RECEIVED BY SATURDAY, JULY 11th, prior to the session - on Saturday, July 18th from 1:00 until 2:00 pm.

Preparation for the session: The images will be circulated to each participant two days prior to the session, to give you all an opportunity to review each piece and gather your thoughts for the session.

Moderator (meeting host) and timekeeper (meeting co-host) will be assigned for each session. This session will be hosted by Deborah Perlman and co-host/timekeeper will be Elaine Abbe, both artists and active members of Broward Art Guild.

Introduction: The session will start with a 3-minute introduction and review of recommendations on how to present one’s work and best practice for giving feedback.

Presentation: Each participant will get 5 minutes. This will include their intention and inspiration for the work (recommend 1-2 minutes), then feedback by other participants (maximum time for each comment will be 1-2 minutes, depending on how many participants ask to comment). If time permits, the presenting artist may respond to their colleagues' comments.



State your intention and inspiration for the work.

Mention any particular problem areas where you would like feedback.

Listen to feedback without interrupting.

Keep an open mind and avoid being defensive; allow yourself to hear feedback that assesses skill, so that you can grow and determine which areas you may need to practice.

If you do not understand the comments, ask for a re-statement.



Avoid judgement of a work in terms of 'good,' 'bad,' 'I like this,' 'I don't like that,' etc. This session is intended to elicit constructive feedback and allow artists to get an outside perspective of their work's many layers.

Be as specific as possible, not vague.

Even if the work is in a style or a subject you do not prefer, you can still comment on the elements of the work.

Comment on design and art elements such as composition, value, color, balance, emphasis, movement, rhythm, line, shape, form, space, texture.

Does your perception match the artist's intention?

How does it affect you emotionally?

Is the overall visual approach clear?

How well has the artist handled the medium?

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