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BAG Mission Statement:
To be south Florida's visual arts leader whose primary objective is to educate, encourage and promote artistic growth in our multicultural community.

The Basics 8-installment focused class series

An 8-installment focused class series

Whether you have no formal art training, or just need to freshen up some of your fundamentals, “The basics” breaks it down to the core, so you have a stronger foundation to support your work.

Each 2-hour class in the series is a very specific, focused lesson on each of the following topics:

  • Textures
  • Using Color
  • Composition
  • Tools and Materials
  • Shadow & Light
  • Perspective
  • Anatomy
  • Releasing Creative Blocks




Shadow & Light - May 11th , 3:00-5:00pm (New Time)

Add depth to your work by learning techniques and approaches
to add dimension to seemingly flat works.

•  Direct Lighting

•  Indirect Lighting

•  Direction of Light

•  Natural vs Artificial Light

•  Shading

•  Deep Shadows

Your Instructor

Dr. Timothy Leistner

Dr. Timothy Leistner is a recognized painter, photographer, author, curator and educator who exhibits his artwork throughout the United States and abroad. He has received many awards for his work, inspired by the ocean and light within his environment. He is the recipient of numerous honors and art awards and was selected as the "2008 Artist of the Year for Community Impact" at the Encore Awards and won the "Individual Leadership Award for the Arts" in 2009.


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Name of Student(s)

Claudia Castillo Art Marty Karmiol Piano Tuning David Meulemans North Beach Gallery Marty Kaye Music

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